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Bringing the global community of packaging converters and suppliers together, virtually

Towards the end of March 2020, the world we knew changed almost overnight. The way in which we communicate changed instantaneously, creating panic and concern as to how suppliers would interact with customers effectively.

The big issues really focused on two things. Firstly, how to promote products that had been in development for several years to allow for a quick ROI and secondly, how to reach the prospective customers. After all, we all know who our customers are and how to communicate a message to them, but how do we go and find new ones?

We bring you ConneXion, a new channel from which users can enhance their knowledge and network. Consolidating its news feed, media-rich content and much more, ConneXion will bring packaging converters and suppliers closer together.

The Partners

The partners at launch are listed alphabetically, by tier and you will see them exhibiting within our online launch event:

Platinum: Bobst, EFI, Fosber Group, HP and Koenig & Bauer Durst

Gold: Absolute, BW Papersystems, EDF Europe, ESKO, JB Machinery, JKSP Services, Karl Marbach, Lamina System, Pamarco, SUN Automation and TCY

Silver: Avanti Conveyors, Bahmüller, Barberan, CITO, Dücker Group, Highcon, Kiwiplan, Kolbus Autobox, Solema and Swanline Group

Bronze: Al-Gar, Domino, E+L Corrugated, Macarbox, Machine Compare, MHI Europe, Tiruna, and Xeikon

Promotional: Baldwin and BCM Inks

Association Partners: AICC and the UK Sheet Plant Association

App based community

The ConneXion Community app is available for free download from Google Play (Android) and the App Store (Mac OS). Search on 'Connexion Community'.

The app will be the focal point for the community, with the Partners helping to serve content. The app operates on a ‘Freemium’ model – with the News feed, Showreels and Partner hubs being totally FREE to access.

The ‘Auditorium’ facility, where we will host podcasts, round tables and exclusive webinar content, will require a extra monthly subscription, which is being marketed at only £2.99 per month – less than the price for a decent coffee.

Unmissable 2020 LAUNCH EVENT!

We will be hosting a virtual expo event, from 2nd to 28th November 2020. This event will sit alongside a series of webinars, making for a compelling reason to visit on multiple occasions during the month, for as long as you want. The online event is totally FREE to visit and allows you to virtually walk around a three hall event, where you can interact with exhibitors, visit booths, watch video content, download brochures, visit product websites, live chat with exhibitors (and other visitors) as well as exchange virtual business cards and contact details.

You will also have exclusive access to the webinar series, that will be live on each Tuesday (a recording of the event will be available for review on each of the following days, until the next live day). The live events will be fully moderated and will have Q&A facilities, to ensure maximum engagement with the panel of well established speakers and industry figures.

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