ConneXion webinar series

We will be featuring on-demand webinar content for you each week! The sessions will be available at the beginning of each week and we will have two tracks per week.


What is the future for high speed casemaking?

panelists include:

David ArnaudBOBSTEnrico GalloniEDF EuropeGiovanni BettiniMHI EuropePaul AliprandoSUN AutomationRob GarveyTCY



Why does Digital stop at printing?

panelists include:

Jan De RoeckESKOEitan VaronHighconSteve WhillisKiwiplanIrina StrugovaMacarbox



Week 3:

E-commerce – the lifeline during COVID that continues growing!

panelists include:

Ulrich WolzBahmüllerGilbert JouxBOBSTSimon NeedhamKolbus AutoboxJan BrunnerMarbach



The corrugating process – what does the next 10 years look like?

panelists include:

Martin McTigueBW PapersystemsDominique RavotDückerJames NelsonEFIRalf SchomakerErhardt + LeimerTim StrakerFosberSimon HolmesJKSP Services



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